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AI Writing Tools Do More Harm Than Good

AI tools have taken the world by storm. But do you think this storm will sweep away human-generated content? Will it provide content like humans? Will the websites be successful with AI content? If all these questions pop into your mind, burst them by reading this blog.

What are AI Tools for writing?

AI tools for writing are software powered by artificial intelligence that helps users generate content on their input. They are also known as AI writers and can generate content on almost every topic type. Using these AI tools, users can write blogs, articles, resumes, emails, and more.

Here are the names of the most popular AI tools:

  • ChatGPT
  • Jasper
  • Rytr
  • ClosersCopy
  • Sundowrite, etc.

Is It Easy to Write with AI Tools?

Writing basic content is relatively easy and faster with AI writing tools. If you struggle to write an email, you can give input to your AI tool, and within the blink of an eye, it will be ready to send.

Various businesses and individuals are using them for easy and quick content generation. But still, many issues make writing with AI tools difficult:

Problem 1: AI Tools Fail To Uncover Users’ Underlying Emotions

AI tools can never discover users’ underlying intent or emotions. It is easy for a human being to locate what content an individual expects on any particular topic, but AI cannot do that.

Problem 2: Hard To Explain Exact Needs

Making a human understand any idea is still easy, but engaging with a machine for content is impractical. Getting precise answers or content for each input is formidable with AI tools.

Problem 3: AI Lacks Scope for Customizations

A user might not get the desired outcomes in one go. The content may lack something or require improvement. In that case, it becomes tough to explain to a machine the customization required. But, informing of it to a human, you must know already how easy it is.

7 Biggest Flaws in Writing with AI Tools

Before you plan to try AI tools, know some serious flaws in them and then decide:

#1 Plagiarised Content – AI tools cannot independently write entire blogs, articles, guest posts, or other content pieces. Instead, they mostly copy lines from different websites. You can pick AI-generated content and put it on any online plagiarism checker for verification. You will find the maximum part of the content is copied. The plagiarism detector may also provide links to the websites from where the content is copied.

#2 Lack of Uniqueness – To establish a brand identity, you must be 100% unique with word choice, ideas, and sentences in your website content. That’s something you cannot expect from AI tools. Suppose you create two different brands for the same product and need content for each. If you choose an AI tool, you will get similar content for both brands, keeping you from establishing a distinct identity. Moreover, the content will be plagiarised content.

#3 No-Fact Checking – You will receive it if you ask a human to write content with citations and references. But with AI tools, the case will be different. You won’t get any citations or references for the written content, so you will become ineligible for fact-checking. 

#4 No Human Touch – Human touch can give a different angle to a content post. The art of storytelling and the fun of creating a twist in content is possible only with the human mind. No matter how hard you try, AI tools will fail to meet your expectations.

#5 Inappropriate Word Choice – Proper word choice can create a pleasant reading experience and precisely convey your message, idea, or thought. In comparison, choosing improper words can degrade your article or sound offensive to many. In many instances, you may encounter this improper word choice problem with AI tools because they are not like humans who can think of which words are good for writing on any particular topic and which are not.

#6 Lack of Creativity – AI tools can never be as creative as the human mind. The human mind’s brainstorming can result in the generation of immaculate ideas for content topics and writing. But AI is not capacitated to do that, and that’s why it produces boring, dull, or not-so-inspiring content. It hurts the user’s expectations.

#7 Repetitive Writing Style – Suppose you write 50 blogs with any AI tool, each with a different topic. When you go through the generated content, you will find that the writing style for each piece of content is the same. Imagine if you post these blogs on your website; your readers or prospective buyers will find your content boring and probably leave your website before turning into your customers.

Accuracy Level of Content Written with AI Tools

You must be wondering how accurate are these writing tools as they have extensive users. Knowing the answer will surprise you, but here it is – The AI tools may fail to give you 100% accurate content.

Here are some of the significant accuracy issues you may face with AI tools:

  • Too Much Grammatical Errors – Most AI tools provide content riddled with grammatical errors. Publishing that content impacts the credibility of an organization or person. One has to remove the grammatical errors beforehand, which consumes too much time.
  • Incorrect Statistical Data – The content generated by AI tools includes stale or false statistical data. It takes the authenticity of the content piece in a doubtful arena, which certainly will disgust the user.
  • Limited Knowledge – AI tools often don’t have answers to many queries. That’s where they furnish incorrect information or pass answers based on limited knowledge about that topic. Therefore, it impacts the accuracy of each content severely.

In The End


No doubt, AI tools gained massive popularity recently. But gradually, everyone is locating significant flaws they possess. The value of human-generated content is unsurpassable. Many big companies and brands have already understood this fact and refrain from using them. It will help if you also understand it early and make quick progress toward success. You may reach out to Content Elites – top content writing agency packed with experienced writers who maintain a long distance from AI tools. You must contact us to rank your website higher, as we provide 100% human-generated and unique content in whichever format you prefer.

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