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10 Content Tactics to Promote Your Blog and Boost Traffic

Nowadays, a blog post is a precious tool for any small or big business. Because in a blog post, you share all the relevant and essential information for your target audience, and you also want that your blog gets the desirable traffic. It is a content marketing tool that helps to build relationships, reach new clients, and drive traffic to your website. With the right planning, you can get a lot out of your blog post and even potentially monetize your blog. This article will tell you what to prefer to ensure you’re off to a great start.  From there, you can use excellent strategies to advertise your blog on the most suitable websites.


This includes three steps, which are: 

  • Before promoting your blog 
  • Best tactics to promote your blog 
  • Where to promote your content 


#1 Before promoting your blog 


The most essential thing before exploring any big plan is pre-planning. It can help you organize and ensure your blog is ready to post. Before doing that, there are some tasks that you should consider.


  • Do deep content research. 
  • Conduct a technical website audit. 
  • Content optimization is essential.
  • Build a loyal base of readers.
  • Test the social media button.
  • Set up a tracking tool such as Google Analytics. 


Conduct a technical website audit.

A single issue of users returning early from your website is slow page loading. This is the reason why a user opens your website and leaves early due to slow loading times or difficulty navigating. With a dependable web hosting service, you can avoid the bad experience of users. To increase the loading speed, many web-host provide plug-ins. So before inviting any user to your blog, first audit your site.


Do deep content research. 

Research your field and identify your ideal customer. Learn their interest and problems and how you can provide them with a solution. When you provide valuable and important content to your target audience, there are more chances to gain subscribers and leads. Next is to decide the tone of your voice that you use in your content; after knowing the customer and tone, research for popular keywords that target your audience and niche. If you don’t know about keyword research, you can use these tools such as Moz Keywords Explorer, Semrush, and google trends. 


Work on content Optimization. 


Optimized content is basically searchable content that any user on search engines can see. Optimization ( Both ON- and Off-page SEO strategies ) results in better search results for your blog. Following all steps right for both On-page and Off-page can help you rank your content on search engines. 


Establish and build a loyal base of readers.


Writing and publishing great informative content is not enough; you need a reader, but how can you get them? 


There are many ways to build a loyal base of readers, including Email subscribers, social media, and a CTA on your website.  Create an alert for all your subscribers when you unload new content; they will get the buzz. You can also share a link to your blog on your social media with a relevant hashtag, and strategic tagging can boost engagement. 


Test the social media button. 


Add a social sharing button for users to click and share your content for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Before sharing anything, test the button to ensure it works properly and connects to social network platforms.  Good content should be shared and make it easy for readers to do sharing easy. 


Set up tracking tools like Google Analytics. 


Analytics tools are essential to measure how users interact with your website. This will help you know your customer well that you can use Google Analytics, which allows you to measure many user activities such as: 


  • Organic search 
  • Direct visiter
  • Number of referrals 
  • Paid search 
  • The number of visitors to your emails 


Best tactics to promote your blog 


To promote your blog, you have to make the right strategy; it will promote your brand and build a strong relationship. Let’s see some tactics that can help you promote your blog and increase traffic. 


#1 Repurpose your content 

The timely edition is the most important factor; you can simply put a new spin on your already published content with repurposed content which you can do in many ways, such as making an infographic, a video, and many other ways. 


#2 Invest in link building 

Link Building is another valuable strategy for promoting blogs that search engines reward. Backlink helps boost traffic and build credibility with your target audience. You can also insult links to your blog to a related topic that will promote your blog. 


#3 Promote your social media 

Social media is a powerful platform where you can increase blog traffic. Whenever you publish any new blog post, share the link to it on different social media platforms with a powerful hashtag to label it. 


#4 Invest in Paid promotion 

There is something where you have to pay that is called paid promotion. Paid spots bring in front of more people, for you can use search engines such as Google. This strategy can also put you in front of users who already visited your site.


#5 Post articles frequently 

Regular posting is also essential to promote your content. It is not good to show up once or twice but disappear for six months. Providing regular information to your potential customer can make a good relationship, so do regular posting or make a content calendar to stay on top. 


#6 Reach out to influencers

Influencer marketing provides numerous benefits, including increasing sales and leads, site traffic, and more. Influencers have many followers; before approaching them, try to make a good relationship with them and then go forward.  


#7 Network and comment on related blogs 


Networking and connecting are great ways to promote your blog. If your blog is relevant and informative to readers, they will definitely check it out. To check your information is relevant, commenting with just a link o your blog often comes off as spammy.  


#8 Participate in forums 

Have you ever found an online forum for your interest, issue, or passion? yes, it is a good place to link your blog. On this platform, you can connect with people and have good relationships. There you can promote your blog and enhance traffic on your website. 


#9 Organize Events


Events give you a chance to interact with people physically, not digitally. You get in touch with new faces that can increase website traffic. For example, you can organize industry-related seminars, workshops, or launch parties. It can result in growing your website and increasing traffic on your blog.


#10 Build your group or network

Building your network can be a great tactic to promote your blog. Become a part of an online community; for example, the Facebook group can allow you to connect with new people. Building your online community can get an opportunity to advertise your blog. 


Where to promote your content 


After publishing the content, the main question is where to promote your blog, which can reach your target audience and increase leads. The main platforms include: 



Email as a promotional tool can be a great way to send thoughtfully created content directly to your customer and attach the link to your new blog post.


Social Media 

Social media is so popular these days you should attach the link to your blog post on every social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Each platform has its audience and chooses what they want to see.



Having all the promotional platforms, you can’t underestimate the power of your business website. You can dedicate a page link to your CTA button or your blog. It is a great idea to make a link between your blog and communication channels.


Writing and publishing a thing but boosting a blog is the trickiest part. It takes your time and effort, and doing it alone is difficult. But you can make it easy by hiring a professional who knows every tactic to boost traffic on your blog. One of the best agencies in the world is SEO Discovery. They hire professionals with years of experience in this field. You can get in touch with them from anywhere because they work worldwide. 


To Wind Up 

Content marking is very popular among businesses, and people love to spread information about their brands. And with an article, you now know you can boost traffic and promote your blog on search engines. Or you can hire an agency to help you grow your website and boost traffic to your post. After doing that, you can sit back and chill!

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