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Why Shouldn’t AI-Generated Content Be a Part of Your Content Strategy in 2023?


In the last few years,  content created by artificial intelligence is so popular and has become a substantial part of business marketing strategies. Most marketers, entrepreneurs, and website owners use AI content repeatedly for any reason. It is a cost-effective way to create unlimited content within a few seconds, or they don’t have to pay for the content created by human writers. 


So why do they pay a writer $25 for 1000-word content when they can get the same for 20,000 words from an AI tool? With all these facts, there are many reasons why you should consider human-created content.


AI can’t beat human competition


More content is created on a potential Keyword than an actual search volume; for example, if we search for any keyword on any tool that shows the volume of the keyword and the keyword with high volume. It will never be ranked by the content created by any AI tool because people worldwide have overloaded information online. So it is tough to beat the competition for AI-generated content. Google needs high-quality content to display on the first page. But humans can create high-quality content that can meet all the requirements of Google to show on the first page of search engines. 


AI content can’t offer the insights needed for the best user experience. 


Some AI-generated tools promise to create high-quality and 100%  plagiarism-free content. Yes, It’s true, but having quality and plagiarism-free content is enough. AI-Generated content is original and plagiarism free because AI has the quality to paraphrase the original content. However,  AI never generates unique Insights, opinions, or stuff needed to create great content, and it just paraphrases the article that is already uploaded to the search engines.


AI Content lowers the standard of the digital environment.


Due to how quickly artificial intelligence develops and learns, even search engines need help to identify the content’s original authors. Suppose human content never steps into the content generation process. In that case, we may get the same information without any additional value because humans add new value to the content and update their content timely if any new updates occur. For example, if we need to know anything, we go on search engines and search for that topic, but now we are getting the same information as everything we search for on that topic. By using artificial intelligence for content production too frequently, that’s where we’re going.


AI content is applicable only in combination with human skills. 


Using AI is okay for content creation, but using it correctly can give you an advantage and simplify your job. To use it correctly, remember to involve human writers. A writer can become the readers and optimize the content to make it user-friendly. 


At last, it is hard to find the correct radio between the writer and AI skills. But content created with a human mind has more quality and value because humans can grab information from different platforms to maintain its quality. Conversely, AI can only paraphrase a single article.


To wind Up 


Nowadays, people are obsessed with AI-generated content because it is more cost-effective but will never rank on search engines. As we previously discussed in the article, you can take little help with AI to create your content, but don’t use the full content to put it on web pages; if you want, your content should be on the first page of search engines. 

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